Mini Tags
Tag Everything, You Know You Want to…

There are many ways to organize your homebrew, from blue tape to Sharpie’d caps. At GrogTag we feel there’s a better way organize and also get more bang for your buck. Introducing … Mini Tags!  Our Mini Tags are just that – small versions of our GrogTag labels.  They have  the same great characteristics as our entire line of Beer and wine labels – like the ability to peel them off and reuse them, write-on and wipe-off technology – but in a 1” x 3” format. 

Let’s face it, they still look better than anything you have now and as we proved to 3400 people at the National Homebrew Conference that all our labels, including the new Mini Tag, can be used again and again. They stick to any clean dry surface so use them tag and track your brew process. These strips are ideal for setting aside bottles for competition, or just to age in your cellar.

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